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About Zerach

Permit us to introduce ourselves -

We are Zerach (Seth) and Shelly Greenfield. We formed our company over 20 years ago not long after our profound zchut (both opportunity & privilege) to move to Israel, with three little ones in tow. Our first business project involved the local marketing of lulavim and etrogim. The business has grown and spread throughout North America (Central America & South America, too). Today we are one of the largest dealers of lulavim and etrogim in North America.

Our business outlook is based on our personal philosophy of life. The fact that neither one of us had a prior business background assisted us on concentrating on three basic principles. First, we focused on our own Jewish tradition, where we would always keep Hillel’s teaching in mind “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. We treat every client, regardless of business volume with kavod, respect. When we occasionally slip up we are the first to acknowledge, apologize and ‘make it right’.

Secondly, we relate to our clients not just as business associates, but rather a part of the larger fabric of our life and friendships. Our only regret, that as our business continues to expand we don’t always manage to keep that personal touch with all of our clients. Still, we make every attempt to be available, to speak with, correspond (all this sometimes from halfway around the world) and try to get to know you and your needs better.

Last but not least, is the importance of integrating our personal relationship to Hashem (the Almighty) and what he expects of us, to our business. Torah, Israel and Zionism is very much a part of our past and future as we see our grandchildren grow in Eretz Hakodesh (The holy Land).

By now you have a picture of the ‘who’ behind the scenes. But here is another element that makes us different as well. Both of us have backgrounds in Jewish Education prior to our aliya, and definitely wanted to keep a foot (or two) in the field. Our videotape, personally produced by us, on the manufacturing process of Tefillin, our very extensive line of educational products for the Jewish classroom, the numerous & varied seminars we have created relating to STAM (Sifrei Torah, Tefillin Mezuzot and megillot) and our newest addition, seminars aiding American Jews to grasp an understanding of the dynamics of Israeli society, certainly keep us busy doing this.

We hope to continue to service you for many years to come and always look forward to your comments, zerach@zerach.com and suggestions.

Zerach and Shelly Greenfield