About Machon OT

Machon OT is the foremost authority on restoration of Sifrei Torah and other forms of STA”M (tefilin and mezuzot). Based in Jerusalem, under the direction of Rabbi Yitzchak Shteiner and Rabbi Yitzchak Goldshtein, Machon OT has led the way to many innovations in the world of STA”M. Known as the top experts in the field, they are approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

The work of Torah restoration is an art, above and beyond the ability of many Sofrim. Both Rabbi Steiner and Rabbi Goldstein are not only superior technicians, but also honest, trustworthy and dedicated individuals. They are highly recommended by both Chief Rabbis of Israel – Rabbi Avraham Shapiro and Rabbi Mordecai Eliyahu and many other leading rabbinical authorities. Together they have authored several well known Halachic books on the subject of STA”M.

Our appraisal of your Torah scrolls, is recognized throughout the world by most insurance companies. A computer printout consisting of a complete evaluation, analysis of the physical condition and value of the Sefer is supplied to the synagogue, along with the registration of each Torah that is checked in a worldwide computer registry. This registry is recognized by law enforcement agencies around the world and provides indisputable identification of your Sifrei Torah.

All the work we do is guaranteed. Our fees are all inclusive. This is a one time fee of $90 U.S. per Torah. There are no additional or hidden costs. Machon OT evaluates, registers and makes minor repairs of the Sifrei Torah during the visit to your synagogue.