• What is included in an evaluation?
  • Where are the evaluations done?
  • What are the costs?
  • Can I get an educational program as well? Does it cost extra?
  • What does restoration entail?

What is included in an evaluation?

After examining the torah scrolls in your synagogue, Machon Ot’s Rabbis will supply you with a detailed evaluation form. The first form is the preliminary form that is received upon inspection. The second form is a more detailed form that includes what restoration services, if any are necessary. The report also includes information such as the Torah’s country of origin and approximate age.


Where are the evaluations done?

In most cases the Evaluations are done on site at your synagogue or school. Please, contact us to make an appointment.

We group together synagogues and schools in the same general geographic area on each trip. For example:

  • Our December 2005 trip was to The Metropolitan NY area, Philadelphia area, El Paso/New Mexico/Chicago.
  • Our Most recent trip in May was to Connecticut, Massachusetts, Milwaukee, Chicago, Long Island,and New Jersey
  • Our next trip is scheduled for September, 2006. Interested synagogues should contact us ASAP to be scheduled during this visit.

If you are not in these geographical areas please contact us and we will try to fit your synagogue/school into the schedule.


What are the costs?

The costs for the entire process is $90 per Sefer Torah outside the New York Metropolitan area and $75 in the NY area or at our offices in NY or Israel. This includes the complete evaluation registration and insurance values.


Can I get an educational program as well? Does it cost extra?

As a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness and understanding of the world of STAM there are no additional fees for educational programs linked to our evaluating, registering and checking your Sifrei Torah.


What does restoration entail?

It takes the three highly trained Sofrim of Machon OT about 20 minutes to evaluate each Sefer Torah and prepare a preliminary report. It obviously varies as every Sefer Torah is unique.