Torah Projects – From Beginning to End

This past year I have had the opportunity to work with over 100 synagogues, schools and organizations – restoring, registering (an internationally acclaimed program to identify Sifrei Torah, that curtails their continued theft), and selling restored and new Sifrei Torah. We assist congregations in all aspects of the project from educational, fundraising and promotion in the community.

The writing of a Sefer Torah is an exciting and rewarding experience for the entire synagogue as well as the sponsors of a new Torah. My greatest joy is being a part of this most fulfilling project culminating at the siyum about a year after we begin the project.

We specialize in serving the client to their satisfaction. Never omitting the slightest detail: from the Atzei Chaim and mantel, to the finishing of writing letters I the Torah with congregants at the concluding ceremony.

  • The Torah Program
  • How To Choose the Scribe That Will Write My Sefer Torah?
  • What Should Be Included in the Purchase of My Sefer Torah?
  • Why Choose Zerach Greenfield as My Sofer?
  • References: Customer List

The Torah Program

Have you decided to purchase a Sefer Torah? There are several aspects of this wonderful program I would like to tell you about:

  1. How to choose a sofer or agent that walks you through one of the finest projects a synagogue can offer
  2. Draw up a contract with the sofer that will both protect the interests of the synagogue and permit the sofer to successfully do his job.
  3. Coordinate with your sofer exciting and stimulating programs throughout the year.
  4. Your sofer may guide you in conducting programs that will enhance both community awareness of the project and strengthening membership participation in this project.
  5. Your Sofer must be aware of the financial importance this project is to your synagogue and be able to assist you in fundraising throughout the project.
  6. The opening ceremony that launches the project as well as the concluding ceremony are very important to the ultimate success of the project. Be sure your sofer represents your group. This program will entail a great deal of effort and should culminate with a great program that will reflect well on those that put in so much effort

How to choose the scribe that will write my Sefer Torah?

  1. The scribe must meet your budget constraints.
  2. With the help of a trained scribe, your synagogue will be able to choose a Sofer that will satisfy your needs.
  3. Review several samples in your price range. Never be pressured into a decision, and feel free to avail yourself of someone you have confidence in.
  4. Be sure to permit your Torah readers to assist you.
  5. The sofer must be accessible to you for questions and clarifications, as well as, to assist you throughout the project.

What should be included in the purchase of my Sefer Torah?

  1. Two quality control checks: A computer scan and a visual check by another sofer of the sefer.
  2. Registration of the Torah in your name in The Machon OT International registry to ensure it cannot be identified anyone else.
  3. New Atzei Chaim (wood poles) that are of superior quality. Do not accept those manufactured in the Far East. They will break in a short period of time.
  4. A 15 year guarantee on the Sefer Torah. With normal use it will remain a good quality Sefer Torah for many years.

Why choose Zerach Greenfield as my Sofer?

All of the above are important to me. I value every synagogue. Every aspect of the project is important to me. Together with my staff, I walk you through the entire project. I limit the number of projects I take upon myself each year, to ensure my availability to you. The best way to express my expertise and professionalism is by the many recommendations of synagogues I have worked with in the past.


Customer list

All of the following are pleased to recommend me and praise my work These are only a few of the synagogues that will attest to the varied, creative and effective programs that I have assisted and conducted throughout there Torah writing project.

  • Womens League Cons.Judaism
  • Temple Beth El – Buffalo NY
  • Moriah Cong. – Deerfield IL
  • Adath Jeshurun – Elkins Park
  • Bnai Jeshurun – Pepper Pike
  • Beth Shalom – Wilmington DE
  • Or Zarua – New York, NY
  • Adas Israel – Washington DC
  • Etz Chaim – Kew Garden Hills
  • Congregation Etz Chaim – Marietta GA
  • Beth-El – Bethesda , MD
  • Nanuet Hebrew Cong, – NY
  • Plainview JC – Plainview NY
  • Kol Sholom – Bethesda , MD
  • Adas Kodesh – Wilmington DE
  • Tifereth Israel – Columbus, OH
  • Beth Sholom – Spokane, WA
  • Beth Sholom – Columbia, SC
  • Beth Sholom – Atlanta GA
  • Young Israel of Albany – NY
  • Shaar Shomayim – Atlanta GA
  • Bnai Israel – Milburn NJ
  • Beth Sholom – Rochester NY
  • Beth-El – Newark DE
  • Temple Beth Tikvah – Wayne, NJ
  • Beth Israel – Mequon, WI